Causes of phone hanging and how to rectify it

Have you been looking for a solution to fix your phone hanging or phone freezes? We have solution to your problems, let's go.

Phone hanging

What is phone hanging?

Phone hanging also known as phone freezing is when your phone has crashed or your phone got stuck that you can no longer use it to execute a particular operation.

Have you been looking for a solution to fix your phone hanging your phone freezes up on time probably when you are working or when you try to do relevant things and it gets hanged, it is so embarrassing and annoying, so in this article we are going to look at what causes phone hanging and how to rectify it. I would like you to stay focused as you narrow down through this content.

What causes phone hanging

1. overheating

Your phone hangs often due to overheating probably from constantly using a phone by playing games, especially Long video games with high capacity. so many things can result in overheating like constantly browsing with your phones and social media, which can lead to your device generating a lot of heat which can cause your phone to hang.

2. Malfunctioning app

A corrupt or infected app can also lead to a phone hanging. Downloading applications from untrusted sites or unknown sources can introduce viruses into your phone thereby leading to hanging. The virus not only causes the phone to hang but also infects other relevant applications and documents.

3. Overloading the storage capacity

Every phone has a maximum or storage limit or capacity. When you overload your phones with too many high-quality videos games pictures documents and so on to the extent that the available space is so tiny it can cause your phone to continuously freeze and hanging

4. Having a low-RAM phone

The applications in your phone make use of the available RAM before they can be launched. When the available RAM is so low and you launch so many applications at a time, it can lead to phone hanging.

5. Outdated software

Having our data software such as applications like Xender. Google App Play Store app e etc. can cause your phone to hang.

How to rectify hanging phones

1. By uninstalling suspicious apps on your phone

Downloading applications from untrusted or unsupported sites or sources and installing them on your phone can easily affect the performance of your phone. Most of these applications contain viruses which when installed in your phone can cause your phone to hang. To prevent your phone from turning, any suspicious application on your phone must be uninstalled as soon as possible.

2. By using antivirus

The virus is very dangerous and can make your phone go into a critical condition like hanging, refusing to boot as well as disturbing the function of some features like WIFI, data, etc. Just as the name implies viruses affect the performance of your phone and make it hang, Antivirus helps to checkmate the Virus in your phone. To download antivirus on your phone, first, you open your Play store or Apple store on your phone and type or search antivirus in the search bar, then click on any of the available antiviruses that pop up, then click on download/install. When the application is fully downloaded, you can now launch the application and follow the command prompt in other to scan your files, In that way, the anti-virus will clear any viruses in your phone that will cause your phone to hand.

3. By clearing junk files and recent data in your phone

Oftentimes most applications use the phone storage (RAM when you launch them, by so doing occupy most of the available space in your phone thereby causing it to hang and the only way to remove such pieces of data that make your phone clog is by clearing recent data.

To clear your recent data, go to "settings" and click on "apps," then select "frequently used app" for example Chrome browser, next, data Click on "storage" and select "clear recent data" and those data that is clog in that frequently used app, says Chrome Browser, will be wiped out and your phone will no longer hang.

Other apps that are often used or frequently make use of your phone memory can be cleared in the same way to reduce hanging. 

4. By deleting unused files

Files that are no longer in use or irrelevant files that take up large spaces in your phone can be removed to avoid hanging. Similarly, games of big sizes as well as videos that occupy so many available spaces can also be released so that your phone can run swiftly.

5. By getting the detachable or external memory

phones with low storage or low memory capacity and with big or large files often hang because the space is not sufficient. To avoid hanging, you can get an external memory such as an SD card or flash where you can keep some important files to avoid loss so that your phone can run swiftly without hanging.

6. By restarting your phone

Often times when you have used your phone for over a long time or hours. just like humans, they get tired and the quickest way to refresh the phone memory is by restarting your phone and the phone will stop hanging.

7. By applying the reset factory setting

Reset factory setting becomes an option when all the methods above no longer stop the phone from hanging. Sometimes before we hang it in such a way that no operation can be carried out on it again, Let's say you are using your phone to take a snapshot and your phone gets hanged, it will be there at the camera session, not even a button will respond any longer at this point the phone cannot even power off, the only thing you need to do now is to apply reset factory settings.

Reset factory settings will help the system software to be refreshed and often times you can lose all your files, at such you need to make a backup of your important files before applying reset factory settings.

To apply reset factory settings, click on "settings," select "system," click on "reset options," select "factory reset" and your phone will turn off automatically, and after a while, it will switch on again, then you can launch your phone afresh.

I hope at the end of this content you were able to find a solution to your hanging phone. However, after trying the steps above and the phone keeps on hanging, the best advice is to seek a repairer or a technical instructor or probably take the phone to the company and they can help you fix it.

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